Experience Makers talk with Sam Oxley – Produce UK

Experience Makers talk with Sam Oxley – Produce UK

Experience Makers talk with Sam Oxley, Managing Director – Produce UK

What role does experience making have to play in the property industry?

It is critical. The notion and creation of place and the consideration of experience is integral both commercially and from a human perspective. We’re starting to see a huge shift in the approach to architecture, urban planning and place creation – putting people and human interaction and physical connections at the heart of the planning and development process.

What’s the favourite experience you have been part of making?

Slideatron at Wembley Park. A mix of technology, place, bravery, scale, creativity, good fun and a big dose of raved-up Mariah Carey…

What’s the best experience you have experienced and why?

Watching Tinkerbell fly down from the Magic Kingdom castle at Disneyland when I was a teenager. My granddad said Walt Disney knew how to make old people feel young again and there is a lot to be said for being brave enough to realise wild ideas. What Disney does so well is recognising the consumer journey from the moment you interact with the brand and then seeing this right through.

What’s the future of experience making?

The ongoing connection of digital and analogue – both have their place and can inform and enhance each other. Also, deeper thought around creative narratives and ensuring that every activation is an authentic experience.

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