Experience Makers is the new community for people who bring life & soul to property

Why does the property industry need Experience Makers?
The property industry is changing. You've probably heard the mantra 'space as a service' and that property is no longer just about bricks and mortar. This is because customers expect much more, and not just from the building itself. Now the journeys that take place leading up to and during their time in the building matter. Customers want to see activity and variety in and around their building, and they don't just care about their own experience, but that of their neighbours, colleagues, the community around them, and even the effect their building has on the planet. This all adds up to an overall experience, one that creates an emotional connection with a place.
What does this mean for your business?
Places that make the customer feel happy, healthy, and part of a community enhance customer loyalty and create places where people want to be.
What is Experience Makers?
Experience Makers is committed to championing a new way of thinking about property. Through events, research, networking and discussion , Experience Makers brings together a rich mix of people who are all working to bring life and soul to property. Our community is continually growing and includes developers, designers, service providers, asset managers, planners, proptech innovators, property managers, event producers, corporate occupiers, educators, community managers, charities, professional bodies, artists, musicians and everyone in between.

Are you an Experience Maker?

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