Experience Makers is the new community for people who bring life & soul to property

Are you an Experience Maker?
Our community brings together developers, designers, service providers, asset managers, proptech innovators, property managers, event managers, corporate occupiers and a myriad of creative people, supplying everything from funky furniture and stunning public art to site hoardings and building tech portals.
What makes Experience Makers different?
Experience Makers is committed to championing a new way of thinking about property. Our starting point and fundamental view of life is that the customers' experience comes first. This isn’t about saying “have a nice day” – it’s about standing in our customer’s shoes and not wavering in the pursuit of their satisfaction and loyalty.
We’re unshakably entrepreneurial and fundamentally believe that if you have a great experience, you create a loyal customer and these loyal customers generate sustainable revenues.
How do I get involved?
That’s simple – either get in touch with us to find out more or go directly to our registration page to sign up.

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We want to give everyone the chance to be part of Experience Makers and that’s why we offer a range of affordable ways to get involved starting from £350 for an individual and £5,000 for a corporate partner.