All Alight from King’s Cross St Pancras Experience Makers Live!

All Alight from King’s Cross St Pancras Experience Makers Live!

We kicked off our Experience Makers Live events with an insightful trip to King’s Cross!

Meeting at The Meeting Place Statue at St. Pancras International, Wendy Spinks from HS1 started the tour by telling us about the station and how it’s gone from rags to riches in just a few short years.

Our next stop, set to the backdrop of Tracey Emin’s current piece, I Want My Time With You, (find out more about her fantastic work at Artsy) was the Betjeman Sculpture. A commemorative piece on the man himself who built the area up to what it was in its (first) heydey. Following this, Wendy showed us some of the station highlights, including the brilliant ‘Press for Champagne’ button at Searcys on the Upper Level, a great way of doing something small that leaves a positive lasting experience.

We heard some insights into past events at St. Pancras, such as the Station Sessions, and Wendy even let us in on some of St. Pancras’ future plans (an attendee exclusive, we’re afraid).

After sinking our teeth into the station’s history, we went outside to lap up some sun and to hear about the St. Pancras, King’s Cross and Euston partnership, Urban Partners, from our very own Sam Kidby. He spoke about the benefits that the partnership brings to the area, such as the Homework Club, Networks and a healthier way of getting around: the Wellbeing Walk. We also heard about some of the new companies recently moved to the area, including Google and Havas.

Having built up an appetite, we made our way to Global Generation’s Skip Garden, where we saw our pizza being prepared, and we got to try some homemade natural drinks. Founder, Nicole Van den Eijnde told us about how the original concept for the garden was to bring the countryside to city dwellers, but that quickly grew into a café, growing its own ingredients and using recycled items as much as possible.

Natasha Steele, Founder of Urban Cordials, finished off the evening by holding a cocktail demonstration. These cordials were made from surplus fruit bought from farmers, except for the Elderflower cordial, foraged for in the wild!

To see some pictures from the event please click here.

We had a brilliant time at our first event, and hope you had a great experience too. If you’d like to join us for future events, take a look at our membership options here.   

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