CGA joins Experience Makers

CGA joins Experience Makers

Experience Makers are delighted to welcome ‘navigators of experience’, CGA to the network as a new partner member.

For almost twenty years, customer experience has been CGA’s focus, pioneering its use from textbook theory to accepted boardroom practice.

With all that experience under their belts, they have developed exhaustive knowledge, proven methodologies, creative implementation and a unique, hands-on approach working across all sectors, with clients such as Coca-Cola, The Telegraph, Renault and Transport for London.

Chris Garthwaite, CGA’s Founder and CEO says

“As a sector, we’ve flirted at the edge of property but the tide is turning. More and more organisations recognise the need to engage with customer experience at all different levels. The time is right to think differently about the customer.”

“We’re excited to join Experience Makers which provides us with a great platform to help develop the language, methodologies and processes that will improve customer experience, unlock value and encourage a different way of thinking about property”.


Meet the team at CGA

CGA joins a network of leading organisations committed to pushing the industry forward. Experience Makers come together to share best practice and champion customer experience education and research in real estate.

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