Experience Makers is Alive 02.05.2018

Experience Makers is Alive 02.05.2018

The mix of cultures in the room last night created a frisson of creativity. There were property people, music people, marketing people. Individually were all quite niche but we all shared a sense of ‘couldn’t the property world be more fun.

David Fraser

On May 2nd 2018, we got the ball rolling with our Experience Makers launch!

The launch took place at Aures’s Sensorium in the atmospheric Leake Street Arches in the graffiti tunnel under Waterloo, made famous by Banksy’s Cans Festival. It was an event where business and creativity merged to provide a new and exciting experience, kicking off our raison d’être; equipping people in the property industry with tools to give their customers and clients an extraordinary experience.

Aures – providing the first five-sensory experience in Europe – gave us a demonstration on sound as we normally experience it, followed by surround sound and then sound as we hear it in our headphones. This was enjoyed by all attendees from businesses ranging from property owners, managers,  professional firms and proptech companies to placemaking agencies and restaurateurs.

We were also privileged to have some wonderful speakers for the evening, including our Chair, Claer Barrett; FT Money Editor at Financial Times, who spoke about the experience economy and how people are now more interested in buying experiences than products. She also told us about how the end user focuses just as much on the experience as any other element of a purchase. Bronny Wilson, General Manager Operations at Equiem, discussed the effects of community building in a building, including how their purchase of a wheelchair for a local homeless person completely transformed the experience of some of the building’s users, bringing them together like never before.

The CEO and Creative Director at Produce UK, Catherine Borowski,  spoke about SKIP Gallery, her gallery in a skip that makes mundane everyday articles into pieces of beauty. She told us why art is so important to experience making, turning the boring into fascinating and everyday things into something spectacular.

David Fraser, a Founding Partner of Harrison:Fraser rightly earned much applause with his poignant take on experience making. He  discussed how “Experience is about things that are memorable, impactful, sometimes touching or moving and all those things which are not connected to property, which is boring, predictable, unimaginative and driven by spreadsheets.’

Experience making is a multi-faceted entity, leading to the Director of Business Development at Sound Diplomacy, Danny Keir speaking about music being central to experiences as it takes a seemingly minor factor of an experience and uses it to make life better. Neil Young; CEO at Get Living discussed how Get Living approach property management differently, transforming the experience people have within the property industry. They even got rid of deposit schemes for renters!

To see some pictures from the event please click here.

We can’t wait to welcome everyone to the experiences and events we have coming up, and after the launch we’re sure you can’t wait too!


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