Neil Young, Young Group

Neil Young, Young Group

What role does experience making have to play in the property industry?

I compare it to an iPad. The buildings are the iPad (hardware), but where the real experience is created is the apps – they are the experience makers, that is the role we need to play to bring property to life and create experiences.

What’s the favourite experience you have been part of making?

I love the events we hold for our residents. We have been running our Get Living Lates events for years now. It brings our residents, staff, retailers and local partners together to connect. We get feedback from those who attend that it is so unusual for a ‘landlord’ to run such an event. It’s a great way of those attendees to see our approach to wanting to create a great living experience.

What’s the best experience you have experienced and why?

 A memorable one has to be the 2012 Olympics. What that showed was how to create so much more than just the sport. When you attended the Olympic Park it was a theatre, so well-staged with so much more than a few venues. The Gamesmakers were a key part – people are so important to creating the atmosphere – the experience!

What’s the future of experience making?

It will grow. We see it in all walks of life, from retail, events and our sector. When I speak to my peers we discuss the building of our communities much more than what rent levels we are achieving!

Why have you joined Experience Makers and what do you expect from it?

I want it to show that investing in experiences is the future for businesses.

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