Siobhan Jared, Transport for London

Siobhan Jared, Transport for London

What role does experience making have to play in the property industry?

The world of property has evolved and the value of customer service to business is now at the forefront of most property company’s strategies.  However, meeting expectation through service isn’t enough to thrive in the ever changing world we live in.  We must go beyond satisfaction and engage with emotions of our customers to form strong and long lasting relationships.   We will achieve this by shaping and constantly evolving our delivery around our customer aspirational experience.

What’s the favourite experience you have been part of making?

In my current role I am leading a team to help TfL Property evolve.  We are some way off experience making yet, but in a short period of time I am really proud of how the team overall has embraced customer and excited for how that will develop.

What’s the best experience you have experienced and why?

Before property I have a background in hospitality, so I am very used to shaping experience for others.  When it comes to me, my antenna for experience is on high all the time and I can be a nightmare to dine out with!  Saying that the best experience I had recently was in Ted Baker, buying a shirt for my husband.  The staff were beyond helpful and very quickly zoned in on his emotional needs.  It was so clever to watch them and we parted with more money and more goods than a shirt!  Great training but delivered in a very honest, non corporate way.

What’s the future of experience making?

I’m excited by the use of technology in this field but most excited by how personalisation and emotional connection are adopted.  Most look at these topics as expensive, that an obliquus offer is what is best to drive customer satisfaction.  Research and our experience ourselves, shows that approach is at an end, as the digital world has put more power in the customer’s hands.  As such, personalisation and an emotional connection, the feeling of safety and of feeling at home, will drive loyalty in our digital age.

Why have you joined Experience Makers and what do you expect from it?

I’m really excited to learn from others, to help keep an eye on the horizon in our industry.



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