The CX in Real Estate Future Leaders Programme is a 6 week executive education

course delivered in 8 units over 6 weeks  <<< Back to Units 1 - 4

Customer Experience in Real Estate: 

Future Leaders Programme


As part of the programme you will work collaboratively, apply your new knowledge to real world scenarios and learn how to evaluate CX success.


Get equipped and be ready to lead the future of real estate.


UNITS 5 - 8


Unit 5 Working with Stakeholders & Partners

      • Define your stakeholders and understand how to build strong relationships
      • From B-B to B-C: Insight from end users
      • Align suppliers and compare alternative approaches to service delivery


Unit 6 Performance Measurement

        • Return on Experience - gain an understanding of financial and non-financial measures for evaluating CX impact
        • How to implement an NPS monitor in your business
        • Practical exercise using customer feedback to drive business strategy
        • Best practice reporting


Units 7 & 8 CX Strategy & Operational Excellence LIVE PROJECT

          • Apply your knowledge to a real world business solution
          • Design and present a CX strategy in multidisciplinary teams
          • 'Dragon's Den' style pitch to panel of CX and industry leaders


+ Site Visit Best Practice Showcase

      • Virtual/Global/Physical site visit (tbc)
      • Experience best practice come to life
      • Hear from customers and stakeholders'

Apply cutting edge thinking.


Work collaboratively


You’ll have the chance to get to know fellow participants through group discussions and project exercises. Work in multi-disciplinary teams to share insight, pool expertise and learn from one another.

Gain real world knowledge and practical tools


Apply theory and gain knowledge from practical case studies.

Take back a range of tools to your own organisation:


  • Supplier alignment checklist
  • Performance measurement indicators
  • Implement an NPS monitor
  • CX strategy presentation skills


Grow your network


Meet new people and join a growing community of professionals who share a passion for improving customer experience and  are rethinking the real estate industry’s relationships with its stakeholders to drive success.

Course directors

Howard Morgan, Director, RealService and Professor Yolande Barnes, BREI Chair, with support by an Advisory Board of members from industry leading companies. More guest speakers and contributors to be announced.

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Is this course right for me?


You're an Investment, Asset or Property Manager,  Facilities Manager, Leasing or Built environment professional looking to enhance your working knowledge with a sound theoretical and practical underpinning in CX. Or you're a CX professional eager to apply your skills and discover how Customer Experience translates in Real Estate. You may be a service partner, supplier or other real estate professional looking to gain a greater understanding of the customer experience mindset and direction of travel for the industry.


Either way, you’re ambitious to be an agent of change and progress your career in real estate. You see yourself leading CX programmes at a business, portfolio or asset level. Driven by satisfying customers, you believe that a customer experience mind-set will make a real difference to the industry.



Start Date:  Tuesday April 20th 2021


4-8hrs guided learning per week


+ site visit


+ self paced study approx. 4hrs per week


Course fees: £2995 + vat


10% discount for Experience Makers members

The new CX in Real Estate Programme is bought to you in creative partnership by Experience Makers and the world-renowned UCL Bartlett Real Estate Institute. It has been developed with the active support of the UK’s leading real estate owners and managers. The Programme is open to anyone looking to broaden their understanding of the connection between real estate and customer experience, and who is eager to make change happen in the real estate industry.