Over the coming weeks,  we'll be talking to Experience Makers preparing to get people back into buildings, following the peak of coronavirus.  Tap into these lunchtime 'listen-ins' to hear practical insights and a range of viewpoints across sectors.

Agile working and

the future office

1pm Tuesday 5th May

Covid-19 has accelerated uptake of agile working. As offices currently lie dormant, do video conferencing and digital hangouts compete with or compliment the future office? What will the future office offer the customer, and what role will agents and landlords play?  Compare the new WFH v. the new 'going to work' experience.


Contributors: Hannah Philp, ARC Club; Nathan Toms, Spaceflow; Oliver Morris, Cripps Pemberton Greenish (occupier perspective);  Robert Stark, MAPP.

Health, Safety

& Security

1pm Wednesday 6th May

The health and safety of customers and employees has been at the forefront of company Covid-19 actions. Amidst ongoing uncertainty, how can property companies continue to safeguard their people and buildings? How can risks be mitigated? And what are the human stressors to be aware of?


Contributors: Adam Osieke, Cripps Pemberton Greenish; Anthony Taylor, Avison Young; Josh Artus, The Centric Lab; Rhona Darbyshire, Cripps Pemberton Greenish.

Fresh insight:

Talking to end users

1pm Tuesday 12th May

Many of us agree that the world will feel different 'post-covid'. A new era calls for fresh customer insight. How are companies communicating with their end users? What are they saying - and why is that important? What can trends abroad tell us about entering out of 'lock down'?


Contributors: Bronny Wilson, Equiem; Calen Cole, Stripe Partners; Jo Fisher, TfL; Stephen Toal, Savills.

Reduced Service?

CX in a phased approach

1pm Thursday 14th May

Whether you think it will be a step-by-step approach back to normality or the 'new normal', getting back into buildings requires a new strategy. How are operations impacted? Can services be adapted? What does this mean for the customer and employee experience?


Contributors: Chris Coleman-Brown, Alethia/Cureoscity; Paul Goodman, Goodman Masson (occupier perspective); Sebastian Moritz, Moricon/ResiSettle; Victoria Steventon, Derwent London.

New values: 

Redefining Real Estate 

1pm Tuesday 19th May

The real estate response to coronavirus has been immense. It's shown just how integral the property industry is to so many aspects of our lives. What will be the lasting legacy? How will improved connections between companies and customers and new socially responsive initiatives develop? What's needed to continue the cultural change?


Contributors: Dr Gemma John, Human City; Oliver Hudson, Build-ID; Sabri Marsaoui, Edmonton Green Centre

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