Research Launch: Modelling ‘ROX’

Research Launch: Modelling ‘ROX’

We know from Experience Makers feedback, that the ability to demonstrate ROI or value indicators on customer experience investment, is the question on everyone’s lips. It would help you gain more support, release funding and better target budgets for your CX initiatives. Experience Makers kicks off a programme of research activity to find ways to demonstrate the value of CX in property.


Experience Makers will be holding a collaborative workshop for members and invited guests. It will be a fact-finding mission to discuss the importance of ‘Return on Experience’ and opportunity to share insight on how to capture the value of providing great customer experience.


We’ll also hear from the development team at Argent, on how they have built in measurable CX strategies at Brent Cross and Yolande Barnes, Chair, Bartlett Institute of Real Estate, a pioneer and developer of new techniques for measuring place potential, land values and sustainable urbanism.


Venue: Argent, 4 Stable Street, NC1 4AB

Date: Thursday 18th October

Time: 6.30 - 8.30pm


To attend the event or for more information on joining Experience Makers see here or give Harriet a call on 07737842720.


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