Towards an industry ROX methodology across the property sector

What makes a great customer experience?  How can it be usefully measured?  How can the property industry evidence ROI in experience?


These are the questions increasingly being asked from people in the property industry who know that customer experience strategy and spending will continue to be a vital part of their business model, but have no systematic way to show it. Currently an independent methodology for providing, assessing and valuing CX across different assets does not exist.



The ability to demonstrate Return of Investment on Customer Experience spending in property is needed to release funding and better target budgets. Our objective is to provide all members with the tools required to help deliver the experience that your customers demand.



Collaborating together, sharing data, and identifying crossovers, is the only way to  build the bigger picture. Experience Makers are treading new ground by nurturing a membership organisation across multiple sectors and widening professions in property. We know that there are people out there, who recognise, are passionate about and can share insight around the value of customer experience.



Given the breadth and complexity of the subject, we call on all Experience Makers’ members and contributors to input and shape the brief. We are launching a programme of research activities, delivered in stages to work towards an industry methodology for ROX across the property sector.


Get involved and register your interest for our launch workshop -  'Modelling ROX'


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